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If the statement from Muellers office, one of, if not the only, blackest hole in investigative history in Washington, does not give you pause to think those that know were concerned enough to break silence in no uncertain way to stop in its tracks the latest how low can you go story, then you perhaps should examine the ground you stand on.

Lets wait and see what the actual investigation turns up regarding Trump himself.

I do believe that if God himself had beaten Hillary in the last election, everyone from the Pope on up would be royally ticked off if given the same treatment.

Why arenít all the regular folks on here up in arms that Congress, both houses, all sides, have been given at last the opportunity to rewrite our asinine immigration laws, bring them up to date to help farmers bring in harvest help, tech companies bring in qualified folks to help this Country grow, instead of throwing temper tantrums. This lawmaking is what their job is, not the Presidents.

Not as self serving as bashing Trump I guess. When he is gone in 2 or 6 years, the problem will still be with us, along with probably another million or so illegal immigrants.

And we all be still be in keyboard warrior mode, accomplishing absolutely nothing.

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