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Originally Posted by thegypsy View Post
PN Its called the Headlights On Position
It's strange how certain ideas change over the years. When I began my motoring career on a motorcycle in the early 1970s I made the conscious decision to always ride with the dipped headlight on, day or night. Hardly anyone else did so and it seemed to enrage certain car drivers. Any number of times I had drivers stop to angrily inform me that I had my lights on. I always used to thank them, say I knew that and they had just confirmed that having the light on made them fully aware of my presence. There have been countless accidents caused when car drivers have pulled out in front of motorcyclists, with obvious consequences. A certain female car driver I know did just that and she very seriously injured a rider; apparently he was lucky to survive. It was mentioned that the motorcyclist ought to have had his headlight on...

These days my more modern motorcycle doesn't even have a light switch - the headlight comes on with the ignition.
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