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Originally Posted by Good Business Sense View Post
Did you have the tickets waived at you in the first week?
Yep. I remember the first week in ground school when Jones did that to our class.
Funny thing was someone actually DID get up and said, "My last name is XXXXX, do you have my ticket?". He (candidate) was dead set on leaving, stating clearly to him that he didn't sign up for this. Wasn't going to tolerate that sort of treatment from Day 1 as a new-hire. Granted back in those days, the queue to join was long and distinguished......nowadays, pending you pass their silly group exercises and "tell me of a time when you........" questions, you pretty much have a job offer and no "Jones' Welcome to Cathay, our door is always open - we value you" treatment. Ahhh the good ol' days.
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