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Originally Posted by Curious Pax View Post
...............Seems like someone is subtly pushing the idea that it must have been the Kia’s fault for speeding. Because of course a 97 year old driver couldn’t possibly have misjudged pulling out from a side road!

I always find: “The other car was speeding” to be a strange defence. If the other car is speeding, surely there is even more reason not to pull out? How will you get less killed or injured because the car you pulled out against was going faster than you expected?

The lack of attention to speed appreciation must be something deliberately taught in driving lessons these days, because when I am doing a legal 40 or 50, the amount of folk who pull out a few Angstroms in front of my car and then glacially ‘accelerate’ to pootle along at 30 causing me to have to heavily apply the brakes is more than mere coincidence.
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