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I’ve just completed the very same as what your asking after not flying since Feb 2009. Paperwork all sent off today.

You’ll need to do the following:
1) Renew medical.
2) Complete ‘training as required’ to get you back to PPL competency level. It took me 5 hours of lessons covering stalls, steep turns, PFL, navigation and circuits.
3) Undertake proficiency check with an examiner covering the above.

Submit your EASA conversion (SRG1104) and rating renewal (SRG1119C) applications together and your new EASA licence will appear with a fresh SEP rating (just in time for Brexit ha). Apparently you won’t need to pay the rating fee since the licence is getting reissued anyway.
Other paperwork to submit includes:
1) Examiners report (SRG1157).
2) Language assessment form (SRG1199) signed by examiner confirming you’re level 6.
3) Certified copies of passport, medical and most recent ratings page.
4) Course completion certificate - either from flying school or official CAA form.

Only thing I didn’t need to do anything with is the FRTOL. I’m assuming it’ll automatically renew with the licence application.

Remember to bring your flying into the ‘21st centuary’ in regards to things like aviation law - supposedly alot has changed. Got advised yesterday in my skill test that a flight information service doesn’t exist anymore but instead is now either basic, traffic or deconflict service. Just wee niggly things like that.

Good luck.

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