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Wanna see my bark paintings?

Eddie, that might be part of the problem, that you think your long-distance, semi-tribalized ponderings on all things Trump are "pretty good." Well, they are not pretty, and not very good either, but do carry on; this is Jet Blast. That you do not see Trump as one of the "born-to-rule" just shows how out of touch you are with American reality. I guessed you missed the part where he claimed membership in our elite.

As to what I know of "tribal people," Eddie, I can tell you that I have worked with members of quite a few different tribes during my time on the Dark Continent, including the well-known Plastic Ozzies.(I shall not, dare not, relate what they had to tell me about the tribe you claim part-membership in! It was not flattering.) Then there were my sojourns among the Rednecks, the Crackers, the Chicken-Shaggers, the fake Vietnam Vets, the Ramp Rats, the Amerindians, the Gays, the Third Wave Feminists (a/k/a Feminazis), the Trannies, the Leather Boys, the Colombian Mafia, the Harley Moles, the Hippies ... suffice it to say that I do know a lot of different tribes, including my very own Libtards, they who now consider me a renegade, the bastards. (Move over, WC; I'm waxing down my surfboard and trying to find a Trump 2020 sticker for my woodie.)
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