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Caution :readers of a JB sensitive disposition and nature should be aware this piece contains images of Gordon Brown......however, for those likely to be traumatised fast forward to 13mins 56 secs, and the interview with the gentleman from the food distribution company.

Doubtless he will be classed as "project fear " personified, possibly because he clearly knows the reality of the current situation, the costs and the long term effects.

He also gives credence to the expertise of Parapunter when it comes the logistics involved.

Meanwhile, the Army will be engaged in working out a parade order and arguing as to which Regiment and cap badge takes priority when they get involved....Army priorities being what they are.

Nearly forgot, at the end of the programme is a piece about child / food poverty and the reality for many.....but don't worry, as this won't affect any residents of JB Wisteria Avenue, there's no need to get overly concerned.
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