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Gipsy Q, Maybe you might explain just how a GE might resolve this issue. First of all The Maybot isn't going to lead The Tories into it, so that raises the big question of who is. It's difficult at the moment to see them choosing a candidate that unites their party. In fact it is difficult to see them ending up with one that doesn't split it asunder, maybe you might like to nominate a unity candidate, Dominic Grieve, or The saintly Jacob?

Then we have the problem of Old Corby. He isn't going to cut it either. So it is quite possible that we leap out of the Maybot frying pan into a fire tended by somebody equally bad, if not worse. This is one of those situations aptly summed up by the weary traveller who draws up beside the gnarled and not too bright Norfolk country yokel to ask directions only to be told. "Blust bor, you're miles off..I wouldn't start from here."
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