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In other news, Buzzfeed is reporting, on the basis of unnamed law-enforcement officials, that Mueller has evidence, in the form of interviews with Trump Organization employees and "documents," that state that Trump directed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress in 2017, while Trump held the office of President. And that Cohen, in talks with investigators, has confirmed this. The subject of the lies was Trump's business dealings regarding a "Trump Tower" in Moscow. Cohen was sworned in and under oath when he delivered those lies.

If substantiated, that means that as President, Trump suborned perjury. A felony. And effectively, the primary charge that brought down Nixon; he had directed the CIA to lie to the FBI about Watergate, and directed associates going before investigators to "just tell them you don't remember."

Coincidentally, earlier this week when Trump's own nominee for Attorney General was undergoing confirmation hearings, he was asked point-blank whether subordination of perjury would be a crime, even if done by a President. He said "Yes." The question was asked by Sen. Amy Klobuchar - one wonders if a little bird whispered something in her ear.

Depending on the nature of the "documents," which may include subpoenaed Trump Org emails, this may (emphasize "may") also involve Trump's adult children. The documents may also, of course, include Cohen's emails and recordings of phone conversations, seized during his arrest last year.
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