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This has come up several times; it is nothing new, but compare the way Trump spoke 20 or 30 years ago to the way he speaks now. Used to be, he was pretty nimble. Today he stumbles through word salads using the same old modifiers again and again, so that it's all "very, very ... " whatever.

There are words in his tweets such as "covfefe" and "hamberders," when we have to wonder what the man is trying to say and how he can get from "hamburgers" to that .... Those aren't even typos; they are just ... insane. The man seems to be lost, where back in his salad days in New York City, chatting with Howard Stern, he was the same low-life we know know, but a low-life who could at least make sense when he spoke.

There has been this phase that seems now to be ending, a phase when everyone sort of played along, just for starters, sort of placating Trump by not calling him on his blatant BS that started with the inauguration. It's been proof of conventional wisdom about putting up with a bully, that doing that just makes him go further. What started small, with silly stuff about the size of the crowd and how the sun was shining when really it was raining, stuff we chose mostly to ignore, has now swelled to monstrous size. Trump is now playing footsie with Putin and Kim Jong-un as if this were just another reality TV show, when we must tune in next week to see Trump given another rose by some tyrant he tells us, literally, that he has fallen in love with, or that they are the very best of friends, or whatever. Has he lost his freaking mind, doing this sort of stuff? Yeah, what is left of it, I think so. He's gone too far for even some Republicans to play along and pretend this stuff is normal.

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