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Like some on here, I tend to almost deliberately stay away from series like this for fear of being disappointed, but given the recommendations from family, and the good words here, I watched last nights episode.

I thought it was OK, but nothing more for me anyway. I found some of the flying sequences a bit repetitive, and the same with much of the ground stuff as well.

Some of the insight into the how the Reds function as a unit, and how different they appear to be from any other RAF squadron, was interesting. I kind of expected much of the uniqueness of the Reds to have been ironed out by successive H&S and compliance mandates, but glad it seems to still persevere!

Was also sad to see the shocking state of their line hut / accommodation, and Scampton generally. Can't help but thinkng there's nowhere better (location wise) for them though. Even if they end up moving down the A1 to Wittering you can imagine they'd still use the overhead for practicing, just like they did last time they closed Scampton.

I just wish the government would grow some balls, and a sense of pride, and spend some cash on the poor place!

And, yes, I also was moved by the footage of the Cpl - very sad loss obviously.
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