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Originally Posted by Sunliner81 View Post
So shouldn’t your resentment be directed at the agencies rather than the airline?
the agencies are the intermediary. They both are to blame here, but the airline is who fire the people, well, better say, this airline is a kind of family business, the people on top are all of them related to someone else with power. They have no idea about the job, they are just there to study how to steal more money from inside, from the people. What happened is just an example of this. The airline is a disaster in general, just need to go to the office to realize about this. With that people in charge, is normal that if they find the way to earn some extra money ( i am talking about a few people on top ) cheating people, they will do it. 60 days notice and good bye. The agencies are just the bitc... hes of the airline. They will never fight for you. Just give you all the chances they have for you in other airlines, so they can still sucking your money. But the main problem is the airline. The agencies are to blame here only because they don't say the truth about VNA.
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