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Originally Posted by Sunliner81 View Post

Very clear. Nothing actually happened to you, you just chose to leave as a pre-caution

Contract flying in Asia 101 - you are always a guest in their country, and when you are surplus to requirements, your ride on ‘their’ wave is over. For FOs this wave is always going to be shorter than the wave for captains. They were lucky to even have one at all, as local FOs can be pumped out of the flying school like a suasage factory. Most took the salary, the experienced gained and moved on. They all signed contracts with 60 day clauses and had their contracts terminated legally. So stop going on about them being ‘fired’, it’s getting old. They were surplus to requirements, for whatever reason.
Yes, the 60 days clause is there, but listening the agencies, those 60 days notice would be never applied, only if there are some exceptional reasons. Nobody expected that they would apply this clause for those SFO's for a corrupt reason instead, in the middle of the contract. The agencies promised the 5 years of contract, which is a huge lie, same as they are promising now the chance of being upgraded to Captain. But now is worse, because before they fired the A320 SFO's, now they are calling for A350 FO's. As A320 FO maybe you have some chances, but as A350 FO, if they apply this clause again for them, tell me where will they find another job within 60 days... This is what i am saying. All those FO's thinking about VNA, please, forget about it!! You will not finish the contract, and you will be not upgraded. Knowing this as a fact, I don't know who will be the brave one coming to VNA as FO. That's it!!
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