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Originally Posted by pax britanica View Post
Good luck Andy Murray, I dont especially like it but feel pro Tennis is a tough and demanding sport . Mental challenges and physical ones-5 sets under the Aussie sun for example plus the weekly tour grind.

He seems a very nice man but a bit reserved which is often misinterpreted as dull/stuck up etc because he doesn't deliver juicy media scandals -I initially laughed at the idea of Britain's Greatest Sportsman but giving it a serious look he has to be up there because of performances over time over time . No footballers have won anything and the first name to mind is Beckham who was ludicrously over rated , Cricket - no one has the achievement plus the longevity, if Flintoff had won 3 Ashes series maybe . AMrtin Johnson and the Rugby world cup winners again not the longevity. had Jonny Wilkinson not been injured so much I would probably go for him because he became a real icon for the country, giving us some genuine sporting joy as the only English sportsman for years who when in that one critical moment kept his nerve and made us all cheer for once. In factJ W is a lot like Murray, dedicated determined , professional very self effacing, all truly traditional British virtues.
So once again well done Andy Murray you gave a lot of people a lot to cheer about and did it with dignity
Dunno but Ryan Giggs would be up there as a great sportsman.................. ok maybe not a great family man or maybe a too great family man.

Won everything with his club with records never going to be beaten. Judged on sporting then he is up there.
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