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Originally Posted by FuturePilot_123 View Post
Good evening Miles,

Hope you are well. How did your assessment day go? Challenging?

I sat the pre selection tests this evening... I found the Multitasking test quite tricky. Not sure what to make of it.
I hope I performed to the required standard.

Were there additional tests on the interview day?

I hope it went well for you, and wish you all the very best.

Best regards,

Hi Josh,
Sorry for the late reply, been super busy so far this week in work.
First off .... I MADE IT .
Which honestly feels amazing, it still hasnt really settled in yet.

The multitasking test was definitely difficult. I only rated myself about a 5/10 on my first attempt and then a 7/10 the next time I'm not sure how well I performed on it as Iv not yet received the written feedback report but seeing as I got in I mustnt have done bad :/.

The assesment day was challenging for sure but the instructors actually did an amazing job at putting people at ease, I felt like a nervous wreck before talking to them but quickly you are Made to feel comfortable and can just let your charisma and personality shine through along with hopefuly the competencies they're looking for.

The day starts with a group assesment which was definatly challenging, almost made me wonder if it's set to fail or if we just didn't get it right but the thing to remember is that it's not about the outcome but how you perform as part of a team. I didn't take lead role as someone was quick to do so and I didn't want to seem too competitive or forcfull, but kept giving input, ideas, listening to others, correcting them politely and admitting when I myself made a miscalculation.
Then I had an individual planning exercise which for me was the most challenging, you have an awful lot of information to sort through and pick out what's relevant or not and come up with a plan. I had only come up with a single plan by the end of the preparation time but could justify why as I had shot down the other plans fairly quick, my problem was that I was so focused on working out the exact timings of my ideal plan that I'd neglected to look at the other options more seriously, but a bit of quick thinking saved me I think when I was asked about them as I'd read enough and taken some notes to have an idea about why I had not selected them. Tbh I'm not sure if it was my answers or that I remained calm and open to criticism.
After that was the interview which I felt went really well. I think I quickly established that I wasn't there on a whim and was serious about wanting to fly. I also had alot of experiences to draw from when asked Competency based questions. They again did a fantastic job at making you feel relaxed, the interview felt more or less like a curious conversation as opposed to a grilling.

After that were the tests, starting with a general aviation test which according to the score I saw i think was a fail :/ hahaha it was a tough test though and asked alot of questions about aircraft types, engine types, airlines, airports ect. Tbh I wouldn't know where to begin studying for it as its incredibly general. I think I did okay on questions about the physics of flight and aircraft types but I didn't have a clue about the business side of airlines for example.
After that followed the ADAPT software tests which start with a numeracy test (a little algebra, fractions, multiplication division) it wasn't at all as maths centered as I'd imagine it to be. After that was some verbal reasoning I think, then spatial awareness and visual reasoning. So shapes and words and pictures and memory tests. And finally the two coordination tests. A deviation kinda aptitude test where your trying to keep a ball centered on the screen while it moves erratically and the final ADAPT test in which you fly the aircraft from the very first test having to control pitch/bank and throttle while following the instructions of atc.
​​​​​​Overall I kind of found it enjoyable. A bit wierd to say considering how stressed I was about it but again they do a fantastic job at keeping you calm.

Good luck for your assesment day, when are you due to take it? And which course are you looking for? I'm planning on the whitetail course starting around April.


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