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Here is copy of my older post. Sorry if I may sounds like broken record like Yesse and Kimono :-) :

For those new to the contract world or living on Planet Delusional like Kimono:
- you are on loan by an agency. You are NOT working for THE airline.
- as a contractor you may be lucky to upgrade or change fleets as it has happened at VNA in the past, but you cannot expect it.
- you are looking for same treatment as the loclas: stay in your coutry and be a part of the locals.
- the length of your contract is worthless. The contract can be terminated from BOTH sides within a written time frame. This also gives you as pilot a way out, incase you are not happy where you are.
- you are being paid to fly an airplane from A to B and not to get involved in company planning and politics. This is THEIR company, your company is your agent.
- in most cases your contract will be honored and you will get paid on time for the services you provide. This is it.

Like many airlines, VNA is facing massive challenges. I was there many years.
Pros: Locals are mostly very nice, friendly and welcoming. They are a pleasure to work with. Pay is on time. Plenty new birds to fly and Vietnam is simply awsome and offers a very laid back life style. Despite the crazy traffic.
Cons: Substandard contract. No pay raise in almost 10 years, while inflation is through the roof. If you bring your family, you will be paycheck to paycheck. Overcrowded ATC environment and diminishing standards on flight deck, making the operation very challenging and extremely stressful.

Hope this is good info for those looking for detailed info without emotions involved.
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