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Originally Posted by Jimmy Hoffa Rocks View Post

I can reassure that under current procedures, there is no break in your licensing continuity as you switch from one to the other - your current licence remains valid until the point at which you have your new licence in your hand - I had this confirmed by the CAA.
Quote is correct !

-You go to AESA and you tell them ... "I have an UK and I want to have a Spanish"
-Forms to be completed, for the AESA, and for the UK CAA
-Fees to be payed
-AESA do the checks that they need to do. AESA will contact the UK CAA, and the UK CAA will provide the info about your UK licence to AESA.
-when happy all is OK, AESA will tell you, give me your UK licence, and I give you a Spanish licence

It has to be this way because you can not have 2 EASA licences. You surrender the one that you have, and receive another one.

Don't understand what you mean by: "Please confirm that there will be no invalidation."
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