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Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post

Since about 2010 or so we've seen a resurgent Russia representing an increasingly serious and potentially existential threat.
May I please suggest that your free your mind from blind hatred (russophobia) and think calmly.

Since dismissing of the WarPac NATO has extended its boards eastbound so that St-Petersbourg is just an artillery shot away. Naive Gorby was fooled by his western friends.. And even later, Russia (led by drunk Yeltsin) was only dropping its bases and presense abroad.

Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post
Russia has modernised its nuclear arsenal and has built facilities for nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad (Iskander-M cruise missiles, in contravention of INF).
Do you really have a military background? Telling such obviously erroneous things....Iskander is not a cruise missile system, it's a ballistic one. And totally withing the range as specified in INF. Second, there is no need to build "facilities" for this complex, it's mobile. And it is just a pale shadow of the complexes that were eliminated in accordance with INF.

On the other side, it was US that unilaterally withdrew from ant-ballistic missile treaty in 2001. And started deploying anti-missile infrastructure in Europe. Now Russia has to answer and is answering.

Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post
During the early months of the Trump administration, Russia reportedly told Defense Secretary Jim Mattis of its willingness to use nuclear weapons under certain conditions.
Can you provide an exact verified quote? Any country that has nukes would use them under "certain" conditions. E.g., when it faces a massive strike that represents "existential threat" as you put it.

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Russia has invaded the Crimea,
Total nonsense. Crimea separated from Ukraine under referendum. And with no casualties in total contrast with what NATO did with Serbia when cutting out part of its territory and establishing a psuedo-state of Kosovo.

Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post
threatened the Baltic States,
Proof link/qoute, please.

Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post
and committed murder on UK soil using chemical weapons and poisons.
British politicians shout about that, no real proof. The same as for MH-17, BTW, for which there is a clear evidance that Ukrainian SAM did that.

Originally Posted by Jackonicko View Post
And then you could look at what an expansionist China is doing in the South China Sea - and elsewhere.
And what is your concern?
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