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Peer-peer is often shorthand for peer or near-peer, and we've quite properly chosen to treat a number of adversaries as near-peer since 1983, including Yugoslavia/Serbia and Iraq.

And in those 36 years we were necessarily squaring off against the USSR and its Warpac allies (very much peer/near-peer) until the early 1990s.

Since about 2010 or so we've seen a resurgent Russia representing an increasingly serious and potentially existential threat. Russia has modernised its nuclear arsenal and has built facilities for nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad (Iskander-M cruise missiles, in contravention of INF). During the early months of the Trump administration, Russia reportedly told Defense Secretary Jim Mattis of its willingness to use nuclear weapons under certain conditions. Russia has invaded the Crimea, threatened the Baltic States, and committed murder on UK soil using chemical weapons and poisons. That Russian threat is growing.

And then you could look at what an expansionist China is doing in the South China Sea - and elsewhere.

Can we really assume that the relatively benign situation between 1992 and 2010 will continue? Would it not be the height of irresponsibility to fail to prepare for a slightly worse case scenario?
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