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Originally Posted by Popgun View Post

Unlikely. The dual-brand strategy is now permanently embedded in the QF Group consciousness.

The 321s will not have the range for HNL, BKK, HKT, SGN nor NRT.

The dual brand strategy is not being changed, just the route structure. The B787-8 has proven to be a poor fit for JQ International so they have to make changes.

The A321 NEO LR will take over all the Bali flights from the JQ B787-8 and it has the range for the other destinations that you mentioned (except HNL) from Northern ports (CNS & DRW). If you look at the the number of these aircraft ordered for JQ Intl, there is sufficient capacity to replace all the B787ís.

Passenger preference on the HNL route is for full service airlines so itís probable that JQ will cease to fly it and mainline will operate it on an efficient daily basis.

Beer Baron, I totally agree with you about single aisle aircraft can be too long to be efficient. QF looked at the B737-900 some years ago and found that the extra time to disembark/embark pax would result in one less sector per day, thus less revenue. Using rear stairs can help a bit but not enough to get the required turn around time.
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