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Corbyn is paying a high risk game. If he were to succeed in his attempt to get a GE the outcome is far from certain. A poll putting the hypothesis of an election where Labour supported Brexit found that the party dropped a huge 14% in the polling compared to the Tories 4%. More significantly almost all the loss of support accrues to the LD's as the sole Remain supporting party.

​​​​​​​Once the LD's move into the 20's then the "wasted vote" deterrent disappears as people begin to believe that they could actually win seats. Added to this that Vince Cable has relatively clean hands having not supported the coalition and it is projected that Labour could easily drop to 150 seats. The outcome of a GE then becomes very volatile with Labour and Tory seats becoming equally vulnerable to LD assault. Amazing to think that when Cameron won in 2015 I thought that we were in for five boring years!
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