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In most syndicates planned maintenance (usually but not always including engine overhaul/replacement) is covered by the initial buy-in plus usually a monthly fee, usually in the order of $50-$100 per member per month although that obviously depends on the aircraft and the numbers in the syndicate. There is always the risk of unforeseen maintenance costs which in most syndicates is going to be covered by the members equally. The bigger the syndicate the cheaper the cost but in a large syndicate the aircraft is less likely to be available when you want it and you feel more like a club member than an actual owner. Overall joining a club is easier and cheaper - the main attraction to a syndicate is that you at least have a bit more flexibility with use of the aircraft, for example many clubs are understandably reluctant to allow an aircraft to be hired for say a week to go away somewhere where the actual flying it does in between is minimal, and secondly syndicates are useful if your intention is to fly something a bit unusual; warbird, vintage, or just higher performance GA type that a club wouldn't typically have online.

Regarding an investment, I would approach it from the perspective that you most probably are not going to recover your initial buy-in. Depending on how long you intend to remain in the syndicate you might if you're lucky be able to sell your share at some point for what you paid for it, but that's probably about it. Again it depends on the aeroplane, something rare and expensive is less likely to become totally worthless over time compared to a 172 or Cherokee etc.
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