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Netjets is substantially better.
the ppjn salary is correct, after 3 years you get a 3k euro raise if you stay in the same position.
Vista is 17/13 except for 4 months where 4 or 5 of your 13 are used for training in Montreal or company training or to go to Malta for the boss to tell you that you arenít working quite hard enough (and to get drunk with your mates - which is quite fun ).
You also lose a couple of days a year to go a day early to Asia and the odd extra sby day to cover leave. Largely extra days worked are rewarded with sby days rather than money but you do get a bung at the end of a full year if you meet the requirements.
204 days minimum, if youíre sick and donít work them back then no 3% bonus or extra days payment for you.
350 crews work very hard indeed, so by the time you get to 3 years you will be pretty experienced. Fatigue is acknowledged but not addressed, yet. I suspect something sad will have to happen before it gets genuinely addressed.
Time to upgrade is about 6 years or so and if thereís a spot free and youíre in your 3 years of being seat locked preference is given to DEC... or has been, this may have changed.
Salary gets paid on time every month. UK pension was minimum legal required and is now a salary sacrifice scheme to dodge paying NI, the company no longer contributes any extra if you follow this scheme.
The people are mostly very good and those who have left Vista for NJ have remarked that the camaraderie at vista is noticeably better.
The atmosphere at Vista is a bit of a mixed bag but a lot of negativity around as people are leaving for many reasons and thatís unavoidably destructive.
The maintenance is good
The training is mostly very good but thatís subjective.
The hotels are pretty good for the most part, the only exception is the Holiday Inn in FAB which is genuinely vile.

So in short, you work hard, get paid badly but on time . Your colleagues are largely nice and stay in some cool places. Donít expect any thanks or flexibility on the companies part in exchange for you having to be flexible and grateful for the opportunity.

Its not the happiest place right now but itís genuinely a good bunch and has been improving slowly over the years. I donít think you would be doing yourself any damage by working there and your global route knowledge will be good at the end but youíre expected to leave and will be treated as such. Between the two though, NetJets every day.
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