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About keeping secrets - In palmdale, the plant that did the final assembly of the B2 bomber was surrounded on several sides by high built up earthen berms to prevent inadvertent photos if hangar doors were opened of what was inside. Of course when rollout of the first flight model was to take place great effort was made to only allow a front view for the press and dignataries and severe restrictions were in place regarding views/photos which might show the trailing edges and certain features of stealth technology.

But the mensa intel types- forgetting that a public airport was quite close - a few hundred yards at best - did not think to close the airspace during the rollout . The result is history. Seems that Avaiation Week ( sometimes called avaition leak ) simply hired a cessna for their photographer to fly overhead during the rollout. The resulting photo can be found- along with part of the story

And then there is the story ( possibly embellished ) about the plant in east los angeles that was the ' engineering- design ' building complex. knowing that the russian satellite made passes over the area from time to time- somehow the roof got painted with a fewlarge letters from the cyrillic alphabet which a rough translation suggested a physical impossibility or the equivalent of a freeway salute
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