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We inherited that from you lot it seems.

One Sunday morning in the Philippines as I was sat in my skivvies enjoying a late breakfast after a much later evening the night before....yet to shower/shave etc.....the Talking Bone begins to ring.

I picked it up...and it was my Navy OC on the other end.

As was the Duty Agent for the Day...with every expectation of not getting a call out of any kind....the fact it was the OC himself and not the Base Police calling....I got a bit of a surprise.

Him...."Special Agent are the Duty Agent for the Subic Navy Base today....right?" can I help you?

Him...."I need you to do a Protective Services Detail thingy today!" (Body Guard Detail)


Me....Who is it for?

Him....."This is not a secure line....I cannot tell you."

Me....(never mind what I was thinking about the rumors that the OC was an Idiot) Errr....Skipper....can you give me just a small hint so I know who to look for?"

Him....Lots of stuttering....finally he says......"Philippine 6 Alpha".

Me....Doing some quick thinking....realizes he is talking about the Wife of the Philippine President at the time....Imelda Marcos.

Me...Skipper when is the Principle (Marcos) going to arrive?

Him...."In one hour at Cubi Point Naval Air Station."

Me...(Now in what can only be described as a "Holy Shit Doc!" reaction). Right Skipper...have you notified the Cubi Point Agent...or either of the Special Agents in Charge at either Office?

Him...."No....but I don't have time as I have to make a Tee Time in a few minutes."

I am not making this the end we pulled it off....a full detail of agents, my house mate handing out guns as the vehicles drove through the Main Gate into town, my Boss wearing swim trunks riding in the Ambulance, and the Detail dressed in various states of dress from shorts and flip flops to our daily work outfits.

Mind you it was a twenty minute drive to Cubi Point to meet the arriving aircraft with Ms Marcos.

I never did see the C-130 that was supposed to follow her around with her spare sets of shoes.
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