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I have been in a situation a couple of times where we have had a cliff -edge moment but we didn't. At the stroke of midnight the game changed; we didn't have a rule book for the new game.

We just carried on as before applying most of the old rules. Soon some rules were adapted, some rules were maintained unchanged, some old rules were either irrelevant or ignored. Over time new rules were created, obsolete rules were abandoned, and some adapted rules were adopted.

Why would we immediately abandon good H&S rules or working practices? Things like the minimum wage are British anyway. What reason is there for an emergency budget, apart from the previous Chancellor's project fear? Freed from Brussels, the Government could even change the VAT rate on some products below the EU floor of 15%.

Goods presenting at Dover do not have to suffer inbound delays, that is entirely under our control. Are all the goods entering UK on 29th March suddenly becoming contraband on the 30th? There is no difference at Dover from the open border from Ireland.

If the Manston lorry park becomes full from outbound traffic delayed at Calais or Sandgate that is the EU, not us.

In short, lots of waffle in Parliament is about what ifs.
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