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I was at the IOC declaration announcement on Thursday, Airsound, and it was most illuminating! One heard some interesting exchanges. I particularly liked this one.

Journo: I’d really congratulate you on arresting the decline in fast jet squadron numbers, but under current plans will we have sufficient mass? With a resurgent Russian threat, and looking back at the force size and structure that we had during the Cold War, we look embarrassingly small – smaller than the Turkish air force – what can we do about that? You’re providing us with great kit, but are you providing us with enough of it?

GW: I think that’s a very interesting question. And I think that you asked it brilliantly well by mentioning……., by highlighting that contrast. I think that there is a real issue that we need to grapple with in terms of increasing mass and increasing lethality, in terms of what we do in terms of all our armed forces, and not just in relation to the Royal Air Force. I think that is one of the challenges that we have, and that is why we are looking at how we can generate more in terms of squadron numbers and it’s also how we need to look at how we improve the whole range of capabilities, because actually, sometimes using the F-35 is not going to be the most appropriate or the most cost-efficient type of fighter to be using in certain conflict zones where there is going to be no real peer-peer threat, and then we need to be looking at how we may be generate some thinking of how we…… – whether it’s through Reaper or Protector, ….. how we actually create those capabilities, so we are matching the type of strike capability with the type of threat.

Journo: Perhaps we need a light attack aircraft, sir? GW: That’s an interesting idea, but I’m always interested to hear interesting questions!

As he left, GW grabbed the journo’s shoulder and said in his ear, loudly enough for those close to hear:

GW: I totally agree with you! I mean, I really want more squadrons!

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