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Also, just because JAL and ANA use 787s for shorthaul routes, it doesn't mean they are great aircraft for those routes. The 787 is optimised for longhaul flying - QF would be carrying a huge amount of unnecessary structure and weight to use it on triangle routes. I'm sure it could still turn a profit; I'd be sceptical that it would be the best use of the aircraft, however.

Joyce has even stated that the A330 is not ideal for triangle or transcontinental flying, which is why QF is interested in the NMA proposal - better capacity than a 737/320, but optimised for shorter routes.
Whilst you're point about the 787 not being optimal for the goldeng triangle is true, it is also true that scheduling 737s up to every ten minutes on a route averaging 87% load factor per month is not optimal either. Having the 787 operate domestically for QF would also allow their 737s to be redeployed to other growth markets.

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