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Originally Posted by Grayfly View Post
a significant number of the voting population supported the contention that walking away from complicated legal frameworks was perfectly possible and indeed would be good for us..
And they were completely wrong about that. Anecdotally, the number of hard leavers around here who regularly dismiss a no deal exit ass minor disruption & are over 65 is noticeable. These guys think they have no skin in the game but they're wrong about that too.

However, moving on from the partisanship of the debate, what we have seen is politicians of all stripes throwing red meat at their bases, naked attempts to garner support, the by product being polarisation over an issue I would wager 90% of people never dwelt upon to any great degree ten years ago. We are led by moral & intellectual midgets, frightened by & consequently complicit with a press who have spent decades distorting reality to the satisfaction of their various owners. What a pickle it's brought us to.
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