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Originally Posted by Grayfly View Post
Similar thoughts previously posted. I voted remain but remain lost. I fully expected that we would leave immediately as it was a binary choice. We then handed the project over to politicians to deliver. What followed was par for the course when politics takes over a task. Two years of practical preparations wasted. I still contend we would be in a better position now if we had just left the day after the referendum vote and negotiated any deals from that standpoint.
Exactly, but without my "windy verbiage"!

Sallyann, at the risk of seeming simplistic, historically in British politics, there have been two main schools of argument with each one seeking to prevail and subsequently form a government. Brexit has changed this pattern by introducing a third element - the government itself. It seems to me that much of the ire that is directed by Remainers towards Leavers and vice versa is misplaced and principally should be directed against the government specifically and politicians generally. Anyway, I believe your questions deserve a response so I'll do my best.

Firstly, my understanding of Brexit is that which has been defined so often - we leave without any conditions other than those affecting our financial responsibilities. It is neither more nor less than that.

Secondly, I don't blame the EU for "crushing" Brexit. I agree with you; I think that the EU probably has acted correctly in its own interests and why shouldn't it? The total farce masquerading as "negotiations" has been created by our own wholly incompetent government. The EU has been instrumental in our humiliation of course, but we have been the author of our own misfortunes. It was not Leavers who promised a "better deal" - Leavers never contemplated a deal of any sort. It was the government who invented all the unnecessary complications which have conspired to trip them up. As Grayfly has said, the choice was binary and therefore did not admit of all the qualifications like Canada ++, Noway + Matabeleland - and the rest of the fudges introduced to impede the progress of what was a simple choice. As you correctly have mentioned, the EU's hands largely have been tied by their own constitutional framework. "Call me Dave" was unlikely to achieve much (and I suspect he didn't try very hard anyway) - Maggie was a great deal more effective.

However, Leavers did promise a brighter future but that idea has been scotched so what happens now is anyone's guess.

Sufficiently succinct, Parapunter?
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