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Swanton Sedburgh Canopy

I remember that canopy for another reason. Attended Swanton as a staff cadet to do a glider inspection, and minor repair course. This was in the winter, but on Wednesday the barge was taken out for 'sports day trips'.
Yours truly was duly appointed to fly some of the victims, and this was my first sight of the multi panel locally made canopy (winter flying mod).All seemed ok until the lid was attached and we were launched..
Within seconds the damm contraption misted up (it was very cold) and off we went with me trying to maintain some sort of order looking out sideways.
Swanton was obstruction (and other aircraft) free, and is quite large compared with Kenley so I bumbled around and put her back on the spot quite relieved not to have to admit the rather limited vision, as after all it was P1 flying and one never refused that. After a few more trips I just got used to it so decided not to mention anything.
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