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As I understand it Joon was just a tentative to hire cabin crews on a lower pay scale. The pilots were AF.
It is a bit more complicated than that ,in a nutshell the previous management wanted to create a new airline in between low cost and mailstream , and use their old 340s. This was in the middle of the dispute over salaries with SNPL so quickly the crews were going to be AF pure vanilla , with same salary conditions , Ground/ops/maintenance done by AF, so only saving cost was going to be on cabin crew, recruited specially at lower salaries/conditions.
The new Canadian boss inherited the baby , and decided ( wisely say some insiders) to stop the experiment. The CC will most probably be integrated into AF ( so the rumor goes) The only ones that benefit from that are the painters. The decision to stop was not as the title of this thread suggest, due to the downturn , but rather to a management decision to standardize. .
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