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Never heard of them either - but Google has. If ever you want a prÚcis of what is wrong with Italian aviation, this is it:

The airline is backed by a 50 million euro investment. It is led by Giuseppe Gentile, who founded Air Europe and Air Italy, and was also the CEO of Eurofly.
Need a bit more than that, sunshine.

Italian Airways initially plans to fly only from Milan Bergamo to North, Central and South America using leased B777-200s with 340 seats.
A LOT more with those sorts of routes....

The carrier is still awaiting its Air Operator Certificate (AOC).
You do surprise me.....

“We will not have problems [getting approval to start the airline]”, said Gentile....
And the 2018 start date?

....who expects his airline to reach its goal of 5,000 employees.
It has a goal, not in terms of fleet size, turnover, or profitability, but in terms of headcount. Yea gods and little fishes - or rather DivinitÓ e piccoli pesci.... if you want a line that explains Alitalia, that is it.

I notice that young Jason is now listing his assets on his various social media channels but it is absolutely clear he doesn't understand what assets actually are. Giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he is not lying through his hat as per usual.....

A completed 36 room hotel complex.... and a head office building ready for interior and exterior renovation
I'm guessing the former could be an asset, but how was it funded if not with debt? And he keeps talking about his Chelmsford HQ, which is leased. So not an asset.

​​​​​​​36 acres of land in Thailand

A five (5) year contract with Intellisys Aviation for the use of the Amelia Res System,​​​
That's not an asset. That's just SAAS.

​​​​​​​A contract with Airbridge International Agencies...
That's not an asset. That's just a commercial agreement.

Nice try.
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