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Originally Posted by *Lancer* View Post
I donít understand the frenzy over a new Qantas fleet, on an actual new fleet/route discussion.

Do you really think the market and management are not as aware of the fleet renewal requirements as the experts on PPRuNe are?

Current fleet order/plan:

6 787s coming
38 787 options
8 380 orders
81 320/321 orders
737 replacement actively looked at
330 replacement actively looked at

The sky is falling
I bet you that there will be more of a frenzy when the oil price keeps climbing. CEOs are paid big dollars to have foresight and to look further ahead down the road than anyone else in the company, so that they can try and predict what the market will do and how to react.

Personally I think that they are reacting later than they should have.
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