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At South Cerney in the summer of 1960, I was less than the exceptional student and had an instructor called Mr Harding whose ability to teach me was either poor or he had a hopeless student (others opine it was the latter).

I took over 30 launches to get solo and suspect I was very close to the chop before the great day arrived (I left school on the Friday and went solo on the Saturday).

Before getting to that point, I had had a medical with a very harassed GP, who after checking my vision (top notch) asked if I was colour blind. Having just failed my colour test for a merchant navy cadet, I said "No Sir" and was passed.

At Biggin Hill three years later, there was no outsmarting the coloured dots and my glowing career as a navigator was ended before it started. Interestingly, at Ternhill, at a time when air signallers were taking over the duties of helicopter crewman from volunteer ground crew, nobody asked if I was colour blind and I was (I boastfully claim) the last member of ground crew to be trained as a crewman.

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