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Four Seven Eleven.

I suppose clearances depend on where you are.

In Cairns, despite VERY heavy traffic loads, I have never been denied a clearance. Clever ways are used to 'feed' me in and if I am flexible (like steep turns onto base for 12) then I am rarely delayed either.

However in Canberra, where there is often SFA traffic, I have been told 'remain OCTA' and then got grumpied at cos I did 'remain OCTA' by descending and popping up later on tower.

From that same approach, a friend who was having a horrendous day in the turbulence from westerlies was grumpied at for descending (getting blown down in sink) below C and then grumpied at again for popping up again (like biggest mobs of lift).

So, like the John and Martha show said, it's a culture thing

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