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Well, I don’t know, how many winchings you have done, but I recall considerable time is spent getting in and out of the harness.
Only a few hundred but I've never stopped to count - a simple double strop lift takes seconds to complete, only the operating crew are going to use complete harnesses.

I m sure, they were assisted from the guys, who stepped in the helicopter.
So you think, winching them up and let one guy with a patient prepare for the second winch is a good idea?
that is what happened since 2 of the 3 the guys who had stepped out stepped back in during the nose in, leaving the winchman/paramedic with the casualty, both of whom were then winched in. I guess the guy who was with the casualty when the team arrived was a fellow skier who continued down the mountain under his own steam.

So - one-skid-on delivery of 3 guys (winchman plus doctor? and assistant?) then nose-in recovery of doctor and assistant then winch recovery of winchman and casualty.

The one-skid-on delivery was quick and effective but the nose-in recovery could easily have been done by winching and taken the same time - the final recovery of winchman and casualty was exactly right. is offline