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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
yes, but for the drop off, the time wasn't so important so he could have winched them down.

Then when it came to the recovery it would have only been two lifts instead of one - still pretty quick and hardly slower than having to do the nose-in landing and then winch the casualty (who would still have been already prepared).

As we keep saying, the flying was very competent - it is just the decision making and risk vs reward balance that is being debated.

Cornish Jack - Mountain SAR or Cornish coastal SAR? Just asking due to your handle.
Well, I donít know, how many winchings you have done, but I recall considerable time is spent getting in and out of the harness.
The patient and his assistance were prepared at a steeeeep hang so that they could be winched up, I m sure, they were assisted from the guys, who stepped in the helicopter.
So you think, winching them up and let one guy with a patient prepare for the second winch is a good idea?

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