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Apart from the 'Fermi Armwrestle' setting out the premise that if 'they' were out there, 'they' would have made contact by now, I'd say "Fair enough", but if you look at mankind today, with all the wondrous technological advances in the last 100 years, we are still a VERY basic lot, still mostly obsessed by eating, drinking, fighting and [email protected]@king. For the most part we are self interested, short-termist, We ignorantly abuse our habitat, oblivious to our actions and pass our sins onto the following generations. If, and it is an if, until concrete proof exists, why would highly advanced non-humans WANT to have meaningful discourse with us humans ? They might keep a distance and observe, rather like naturalists do when observing the behaviour of animals in the wild. Of all the alleged reports of ET interactions, we can happily chop through most with Mr Occam's Razor, but there will be a proportion of the remaining reports that might well be credible. I'm not by any means an avid proponent of little grey men scooting around the cosmos, but take the pragmatic position that there have been enough reported happenings over hundreds of years to suggest that there's a reasonable chance 'they' exist.
What is sad is that given the above, we might be the most advanced civilisation (somebody has to be).
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