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[QUOTE=er340790;10356246]Call me a traditionalist, but I have never encountered any problem in life that could NOT be solved by the Mossberg 590 pistol-grip shotgun, alternately loaded with Slugs and Double-Nought 00 shells.

I fully accept that some kind of net or lighter loads might be more useful for drones, but the 590 has to remain the starting point. [/QUOTE

Maybe arm spotters with them? You’d obviously make sure you did a check of their drivers licence and passport before doling out Mossys for security reasons.

But building a Drone wall is far more practical.

Good reasons:
*Enhance airfield privacy.
*Banksy wouldn’t be able to help himself.
*Noise complaints reduced by about 34%
*Easier navigation for crews.
*Sell the Banksied sections to recover the cost.

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