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As I understand it she has publicly renounced Islam, and that is an offence that may carry a death sentence in Saudi Arabia. She seems well-educated, and says she is seeking further education, so I doubt she was unaware of her countries laws regarding the renouncement of Islam. Seems to me she went into this with her eyes wide open, almost certainly never intended to return to Saudi once she'd boarded the flight to Australia and it looks like a combination of poor judgement on her part (in letting people know she had renounced Islam before she was somewhere safe) and misfortune that the Thai authorities collaborated with Saudi authorities, or her family, to prevent her continuing her onward flight to Australia.

I would say her fears are very legitimate. There are reports of a similar case where the girl involved was taken back to Saudi and seems to have disappeared. We've seen relatively recently how Saudi Arabia treats citizens who speak out against their laws - the Khashoggi case springs to mind. Now she has been declared a refugee she may be safe, for a time, but I suspect that her family are unlikely to just let her go and make a life in a new country without further action, so she may well never be safe.
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