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Originally Posted by bowinris View Post
Work-related Behaviour (management)
Just some questions about yourself

Completed and sentSituational Behaviour
Just some questions about yourself

Completed and sent Verbal Reasoning (consumer compact)
You can find some examples here ( www. jobtestprep . co . uk/). It was the most difficult test for me.

Completed and sentReaction Speed
You will have 2 patterns on your left and right. When they both are identics, you need to press on your space bar

Completed and sentSpatial Orientation
Just need to find your position with a compas and RMI.

Completed and sentComplex Control
missile-game . bwhmather . com

Completed and sentMulti-tasking Capability (avi)

Completed and sentApplied Numeracy (avi)
Simple maths test. Check 2piR & pi x R^2 x H

PendingDirect Entry Pilots Interview 2019
Didn't do it.
Hello! Thanks a lot for your interaction and feedback.
Please let me know what are you coming to get in video interview. Regards

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