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I flew so much on SWA as an unaccompanied minor. I remember quite well the boarding order of the plastic boarding passes, and the polite out of the way area for minors like myself, seeing parents of small children, elderly passengers where we could quietly board first before the throng of other passengers. I also remember traveling as a youth, queuing up with the adults - who behaved as adults as well. If you wanted to get on "first" you arrived first and you queued first. My wife flew solo with two kids in tow a while back when I didn't understand how for the worst the mentality had changed, and priority boarding has become a joke. I got to see it for myself a few years later. What is the point of even bothering with staggered boarding when everyone gets to pay for cattle class and board through "line A." Now its been turned into a pay your way to the front, or rather I should say pay to not be last. It may be the same great people in ops, but I'd rather select my seat than endure that mob again. Remember stand-by. I'd even rather do that.
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