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Mistrust in Management
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From the official report:
Whilst working with Etihad Regional / Darwin Airline, the commander had the following additional functions: Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, ATR Chief Fleet, Training Captain, SAAB Chief Fleet
Mistrust in management would seem to be the case here.

Whilst working at Etihad Regional / Darwin Airline, the first officer had the following additional functions: Deputy Post Holder Flight Operations, Post Holder Flight Operations, Flight Ops Engineering
Also regarding the F/O [QUOTESince 2010, the first officer, who was then employed as a captain, had a history of shortcomings in the areas of systematics, communication and compliance with standard operating procedures (SOP). The training department tried to correct these shortcomings through discussions and additional training. After a line check in 2013, it was decided to roster him again as a first officer. Since then he has held the rank of a captain but has been flying as a first officer. ][/QUOTE]

What a complete mess - no wonder this outfit has ceased operations. Amazing it even managed to start.

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