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Originally Posted by airdualbleedfault View Post
Nice TL, completely off the topic of my answer to Rated de . The NJS 146s were flying those routes for 10 years before a single 737 set tyres on WA regional soil so once again for the cheap seats, no, history does not show those routes were operated by the 737

6 or 7 years ago, Qantas operated up to 10 flights a day PER-KTA with 737s. Newman peaked at 7 I think. The demand from the boom supported it, and it would have taken a sh1tload of NJS 146s or 717s to move those pax numbers. We know what has happened since with the acquisition of Network and their F100 fleet expansion which lead to the replacement of a huge number of mainline services, who in turn had replaced NJS/Airlink or whatever it was called at the time.

So historically Iím also correct arenít I?
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