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I got in touch with them

Originally Posted by tango_kilo View Post
Did my PPL training there between feb and may 2018. Quite good experience. Very friendly people, professional instructors.

Unfortunately, the weather was fairly bad in march/april with quite a number of days of no flying which made it difficult for the office management to get everybody through in the scheduled time. Moreover, it seemed that they had a shortage of instructors during that time. I had to extend my stay by at least 2 weeks due to the weather situation.

Most of the a/c are C172. One of them was with glasscockpit. Two or three C150, one Archer, one Cherokee arrow, and a Seneca for ME.

I paid 196 Euro/h for an hour with a C172 with instructor. Landing fee at Jerez is 12,50 Euro which would make TnG's a quite expensive thing, especially if you need more training on that. Consequently, the school also makes use of a smaller uncontrolled field in the vinicity of Jerez for landing training.

Groundschool can be done online (CATS 3.0 WBT). I did all theory exams incl. RT and LPE down there in Jerez and finally ended up with an UK EASA licence.
I don't know which impact Brexit might have for them as an UK ATO but as far as I know they have an Austrian ATO registration as well.
More detailed information via PM
I got in contact with one of the guy. They’re closed till 8th Jan. Without any doubt, they’re one of the best in the business around that area of the world or Europe. They’re cost friendly, amazing instructors and can work on tight schedules. I was considering USA, but after reading reviews abt the 2 main ATO’s who can get that done, i ... Yes, i heard they’re having problems with instructors. From a post, they’re reviewing FIs packages to make them go career wise and even looking forward to sponsor instructors.( I would love to do this, engineering graduate waitering tables ) But on the other side, curious me started looking up in Eastern Europe. You have ATO’s who you know ... but some are looking forward to build up a name. I narrowed down to two: Pan Aero(Croatia) and Rivair(Hungary). Both of them have good reviews online and mostly the attitude, cost and environment there are considerable. So far, they’re top notch on communication and they seem keen to teach you. To be sure, this summer i’m heading out to meet them. I will be looking at the accomodations that can be rented out, the transport to and from school, and thus have an idea in reality how much you need to budget to head for a PPL there. I guess everybody needs a fair chance but at the current moment without any doubt FIS has an untouchable reputation for flight training.
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