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Rasmussen and Cedarmark did a spectacular job with SAS 751. And I don’t think anyone has yet mentioned Piche and de Jager flying Air Transat 236 to a successful deadstick landing at Lajes. Admittedly, they mismanaged the fuel problem, but their airmanship when it really counted was superb.

Many moons ago, whilst flying a 727 to an early morning arrival on BOS runway 22L, ATC had characteristically kept us quite high. Turning in toward the runway, I hung all of Miss Piggy’s appendages into the wind, and, as only the 727 can, was descending nicely into a standard glide path. The senior captain in the left seat said, “You ain’t gonna make it.”

I looked around, trying to figure out the problem. “What are you talking about? It’s coming together just fine…” I said. He says, again, “You ain’t gonna make it!”

Frustrated, I said, “Bill! What the hell are you talking about?” He smiles, and says, “You’re gonna have to add power…”

Finally recognizing the tug at my leg, I said, “Well, yeah…I was sort of planning on that…” And he replied, “We never used to…”

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