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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
Continuously stated by whom? John Redwood? Jacob Rees-Fogg? The revelatory element of this is you actually believe this stuff. I'm watching a BBC four documentary on Waco & I'm coming round to the view that leavers are so wilfully ignorant of the world around them to the extent it's difficult to separate Brexit believers form Branch Davidians. An absolute article of faith countered endlessly with well go on then, prove it. Fabulous.
This straw clutching by Brexiteers will soon come home to roost. The EU is stronger as a whole than the UK, and can, and will afford to face down the UK.

The really sad thing is that if we do call the EU's bluff and fall out, then the usual suspects in the media will proceed to blame the EU, Juncker, Merkel - in fact everyone bar the real culprits; the politicans and lobbyists that sold a pup to a gullible UK electorate. Whether that washes remains to be seen.
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