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I know I said I wouldn’t post but:

Aside from copious amounts of either B/S And/or over exaggerated examples (Ive seen figures and have personal evidence that at least ones ‘experience’ on here is complete B/S), but, all of you are moaning on the wrong place.

Complain to MAG, not anonymous moans on here. It ain’t going to change unless you direct your complaints to the right people. In particular, I know that Mr A Tis has been given the opportunity to direct complaints to the head of security, yet declined because they were ‘too busy’. Not too busy to post inane drivel on here though, eh?

either put up or shut up. Direct your complaints to the right people and spare all the other readers this boring nonsense. If it’s as bad as you lot say it is, work to sort it. Like I say, to busy to formally complain but not too busy to post to people on here who frankly don’t give a sh*t how long it took you to get through security.....
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