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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
Do you understand the meaning of non sequitur ​​​​​​?
OK, to answer you directly, you are quite right...

The war criminal and serial liar Tony Blair was responsible for the open door immigration policy that has got us into the mess we are in now
Nobody who followed after him had the inclination to address this issue as the endless supply of cheap labour suited the GlobalCos quite nicely thank you, and the Exchequer turned a blind eye as anything that keeps big business happy is a good thing, right?
Fast forward a few years and the British people decide enough is enough and we vote to Leave the EU, with immigration being the number 1 topic by some margin
So the point is that, the imperative has now changed - it is no longer acceptable for the party in power to turn a blind eye to a fundamental issue that a large majority of the electorate believe has been out of control for years.

It's now really simple - we either have a set of policies that takes peoples legitimate concerns seriously and brings the immigration issue under control for good, or we end up with somebody like Trump in the not too distant future. You have a choice, so don't say you weren't warned!
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